I can offer a wide variety of different skills which will help you attain the best possible photographic content. Skills which come from many years of out door activities such as Climbing, CavingMountaineering, Mountain Biking to mention just a few.   All of which have been refined by the Mountain Rescue members. Given that I understand the sports, it allows me to photograph them in the most powerful, realistic and passionate way.  This also allows  me to be right next to the athletes and and see from their perspective which translates into my photographs.

My passion for photography has evolved from a love to share my adventures from a young age which, after realising I could include all my hobbies into one job, was a goal that I couldn't escape. The idea to do what you love for a job, drove me to create the best content I can, not only for my clients but for my self, the vision to capture 1 frame to tell a story which can inspire and drive others, is enough motivation for me to keep pressing that shutter button. 


Creating stunning photographic content professionally   

Working as a staff member in Chevin Cycles in the retail department made me develop a professional attitude, which has all ready proven to have had  positive results. With this experience I can communicate with you and your clients in a professional manor with promising results. As well as attain the information and requirements necessary to complete the task at hand to the best of my ability with out missing any vital information.